How Can Work with Me

Make Your Life Better?

Individual, Semi-Private, and Group Programs available in person, by Skype and by phone.

Save money and receive the additional benefit of support and camaraderie with group that I create, or bring your friends. I am happy to discuss the specific needs of your group.



Your Healthy Weight and Self Esteem Toolbox

This work is my absolute passion.  I’ve struggled and I’ve lived the change.  Yes, you will feel better about your body and better about yourself, every day.


  • VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND – Your healthy can body starts here.  An easier way to permanent weight loss without counting calories, changing what you eat or feeling deprived.

  • HEART OF THE MATTER – Emotions can drive out-of-control eating, can drive thinking about food all of the time. Make it a thing of the past.  Clean out your emotional junk drawer and learn to be nice to yourself, really release old pain, hurt, and disappointments. Create a body you can speak nicely to, a body that you can love and a healthier, happier life.  Enjoy the feeling of freedom, the feeling of being effortlessly in control.

  • PARTNER ON THE PATH – Ongoing support for the longer journey.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m here to run beside you, encouraging, coaching and cheering you on!


You Can Meet Your Goals


  • EFT for Veterans – Not a desensitization program.  Base on the protocol used in the Vets Stress Project, ( it is my honor to offer a 5 session program at no charge to any vet. Reduce or eliminate the effects of trauma sustained in your service to our country. EFT is proven to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, anxiousness, stress, guilt and grief, all without drugs.  You will learn to use EFT and you will feel better.   

    • “I haven’t felt this good doing cocaine.  I haven’t felt this good drinking.  I hope that people  would  just take it, would just try it.  Just try it once.” Andy Hodnick, Gulf War.

    • “I finally have been able to sleep at night without waking up in combat. I finally have my life back”. Staff Sargent Brian Davis

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