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Nashville, TN 12/29/15  Karen was dealing with a scary blood pressure issue. Listen to what she says after our first session:

In her follow up letter she states: “Blood pressure has been good with an occasional blip, but I’ve been less consistent in my tapping over the holiday. All is well. I choose to have the Peace of God.” Karen Trotter Elley

Nashville, TN  6/16/14   Before working with Lili, I struggled a lot with anger and stress.  In college, I had gone to a couple of different councilors and had been told to find other ‘constructive’ outlets for my anger and frustration like journaling or physical activity which helped some but a lot of times the anger would still be there.   I met Lili through a networking group where she was giving a presentation on EFT. To be honest, I felt a little silly during the exercise portion of the presentation when Lili was demonstrating EFT, but I knew something had shifted the next day when I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said, ” Sally, you sound so calm.”  It was then that I realized I felt calmer. Within the next few days, I set up three sessions with Lili and each one was life changing.  By the end of those sessions, I had learned techniques  not only  to deal with the anger and frustration in the moment, but to get to the underlying fears and anxieties that caused the anger  and release them.   Needless to say, I have been tapping ever since. If you’re truly looking for a change in your life whether it’s with anger, fear, health, or anything else , I urge you to contact Lili. It will change your life for the better.   Sincerely,   Sally Woods
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May 2014

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 Nashville, TN  1/23/14    We talked last nite – it took a few hours. That was only possible because of our 3 sessions last month! I am still laughing about how fun it was to say the most outrageous things, truly liberating.  It is so opposite of what I thought (don’t say it … or it will become true … because you said it).  You equipped me with the exact tools I needed. . . Everything changed once he and I had that talk.


Atlanta 1/2/2014
We all face tipping points in our lives when the way things are going becomes no longer acceptable. These crossroads come in all kinds of forms – changes in relationships, serious health issues, job changes – you name it – most of us have been there.  My tipping point carried so many facets – it was part of all the above – but suffice it to say – I needed change within myself.  Simultaneous with that life decision, an email came from Lili Hudson.  I will call it an answer to a prayer – I needed help and help arrived.  Lili has used her skill sets to enable me to change poor eating habits, address some old harbored anger and get my head on straight.  While I am only in the early stages of my journey, one of my dearest friends commented after six weeks of working with Lili that she had not seen me look so at peace or happy in decades.  That says so very much.  Additionally after 12 weeks, I have lost 22 pounds.  I feel like Dorothy putting her toe on the yellow brick road.  I am not off to see the Wizard, but I have found a path with decided structure backed by a comfortable grounding in my faith in God.  If you are struggling with weight issues, anger, self doubt – then I can say from my own experience – Lili’s program and services are worth your investment.



March 5, 2013 8:49 am
I was on a call with Lili Hudson along with several people from around the United States and Canada. The call was a group tapping with the intention of sending healing energy to Newtown, Connecticut in order to support parents, family and friends that lost a child in the terrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the call was very powerful. I experienced a huge shift and a sense of peace when Lili Hudson led the tapping. Her tapping routine was so specific; it was like a bolt of healing lightning. Thank You, Lili!
Peggy Mangan,  Joy After Cancer founder 
Tampa, FL  3/13/13
It is a pleasure to recommend a professional who has helped me in a very big way. I met Lili at a business function a few years ago. I have had health issues revolving around asthma and chronic coughing. In learning about Lili’s expertise at this meeting, she invited me to spend some time with her in learning how the process of Emotional Freedom Technique can work in my professional and business life. Lili knew that she could help me have an impact on the severity of my chronic cough. It was a meeting that changed my life. Lili walked me through the process, exercise and routines of the technique and continues to provide me with refreshers and encouragement along the way. The knowledge and insight has helped me manage my asthma. I can now attend a cocktail party, business meeting, make a speech and prepare to be at my best by using the techniques that Lili has prescribed. I truly feel like I am on my game again. There have been several years of coping with the effects of asthma. My confidence and my staying power has increased and I am more effective. What a blessing to have met Lili. I have recommended her to many of my friends and business colleagues. Without a doubt, bar none, she is the best and a natural at what she does.
Holly Tomlin,  Owner/President at Tomlin Tested Staffing
 Nashville, TN  8/19/2009
After just one session with Lili, I’m frankly amazed at how much better I feel. Issues from the past have faded into the background. Today, I’m enthusiastic and enjoying life more than ever. I recommend her skills and insights wholeheartedly!
Gwen Griffith DVM, MS
 Knoxville, TN  3/26/13  
Lili did a fantastic job of helping me tap through grief issues around my mother’s death. The session diverged into issues surrounding my relationship with my own daughter as well. She was very comfortable with her skill and put me very much at ease. She was very intuitive in her work. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with any emotional disharmony.
Nellaine Sutton,  Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional
Boulder, CO 4/14/2013   
As a mother of an adult with autism/special needs the word “frustration” is a mild term for my daily experience. When I have worked with Lili, my head clears, I can see options and ideas that weren’t apparent before. It has helped diffuse the stress, so I can see and move toward a positive future for my son and our family. Lili provides a safe place for me to express all that is on my mind. She listens without judgement which in today’s world is rare, especially for parents or caregivers of an individual with a difference. I would urge anyone who needs support and truly wants to create the best for themselves and their family to call Lili. What she does is helpful on a level I never knew existed.  
Sue Thomas    Independent Non-Profit Organization Management Professional

testimonial Bateman7

  Lili’s note: We cured Tommy’s habit with just a little understanding of how the mind works, plus a bit of self-hypnosis!


 Nashville, TN   4/2/11
I have worked with Lili Hudson in EFT sessions many times over the past year. She helped me through a very challenging and painful time in my life as I went through a long divorce process.When I had trouble sleeping at night, she gave me EFT techniques to use.She was generous with her time. She is extremely patient and shows deep care.I would highly recommend her to others, who could certainly benefit from her EFT training.
 Lynn Peithman

Birmingham, AL   August 16, 2009
Hi lili,
   Thanks again so much.  I did benefit SO more than I expected, and I want to share with you some impressions.
I found it very foreign to say I value, love, honor etc myself.  I was afraid someone would overhear me and think I’d gone daft.  But as I said it my “being” yielded to this welcome embrace.
    My shoulder and neck muscles relaxed ever so slowly until we discussed the memory of the shoulder injury.  I shared feelings I had never admitted to myself, much less given voice to them.  I felt embarrassment, shame, fear,  and anger, at first;  then I felt sadness and shock that no one came to my aid.  I felt very surprised but somewhat relieved to say those things.
    At one point my left ear made a “pop” sound, and my left nostril opened up at the same time.  I had felt stuffy and unbalanced until then.
    I am now curious as to how something so simply could have that much effect in such a short time and we me being a novice.  What a surprise
    You have my permission to use all/any of this message in any way you see fit, and you may quote me if that is desirable.
Thank you again.
Martha Loveland

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