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Virtual Gastric Band ~ Heart of the Matter ~ Partner on the Path

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“I hate how I look.
“I think about food all the time.
“I lose weight, and it just comes back, and more.”
“I can’t stand the thought of another failure.”
“I just feel so alone.”

Losing weight.  Even thinking about it feels overwhelming.  You’ve tried all the diets, and you’re stuck in the yo-yo cycle.  You feel you can’t get your eating under control. You feel defeated. You promise yourself you’ll get on it …soon.

But years have gone by, and more years.  You’re still carrying the weight.

Maybe the doctor says you have to lose weight so you don’t get diabetes like your mom . . . to take the pressure off your knees . . . or because you need surgery, but you can’t have it until you lose enough weight.

You think that if you just find the perfect diet, eat enough rice cakes or shakes, and work out for an hour every day, that you’ll be okay.  So you try the next new thing.  And maybe you’re successful, for a little while.

Face it, it’s hard. You favorite foods are off limits, and the food you can eat are boring, working out takes so much time, you’re worried about the health problems you are creating, and you’re just exhausted fighting yourself about it!

 It doesn’t have to be that way.

I can’t believe it!  I always snack when I watch television…and I just forgot about it.~  RT

Virtual Gastric Band ~ Heart of the Matter ~ Partner on the Path



  • Enjoying every bite you put in your mouth
  • Quickly controlling cravings – in two minutes or less
  • No more self-criticism – you can quit talking to yourself about your eating
  • Having more energy and sleeping better
  • LOVING how you look!
  • Making good on your commitment to get healthy, NOW.

“My happiness was locked up in my hurt.  This is the most healing, best feeling habit you will ever have.  I don’t need a glass of wine, or crackers, or TV to numb out, now.”  ~  SKF

This is NOT another Diet


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My name is Lili Hudson and I’m on a personal mission. I’ve been where you are.  I realized I was promising myself I would lose weight – for over 20 years!  And I finally made good on my promise!

I’ve created a powerful 4point process to knock out the self-criticism, stop the over-eating, and reinforce your commitment to get healthy, NOW.

It’s worked for me and it’s worked for thousands of people.

“This was a really hard week with my husband’s health and our relationship, but I’m in complete control about food.”  ~ LV

Through my own experience with autoimmune diseases for 36 years, I’ve learned this – balance is important, and trusting my body’s wisdom is really important!  I’m not turning my health over to someone selling the latest magic sprinkle or pill or crazy injection.

“I know eating is the symptom, not the whole problem . . . Everyone has noticed I look more rested and relaxed …”  ~ EV

This program is about scientifically proven, drug-free techniques to literally reprogram your connection to food and your connection to eating – once and for all!

You’ll learn to decode your body’s unique signals.  If you are trying to cut calories with artificial sweeteners, or cut fat with fake foods, your body is CONFUSED.  As you slowly add better foods and better nutrition, your body will be able to make its needs heard – hasn’t it been screaming for help for too long!

“Sugar just doesn’t talk to me anymore!”  ~ FK

But I’m getting ahead of myself!  We start exactly where you are, with exactly what you eat –and if that’s McDonalds, that’s where we start!  So nothing is off limits, ever.

You’ll discover that you can eat less, and enjoy it more – even that glass of wine and bowl of yummy creamy ice cream!

You’ll learn what’s really driving your eating, not just what you think the problem is.

You’ll learn why you haven’t stuck to your old commitments to lose weight, why you sabotaged yourself again and again.  You’ll RESOLVE and DISSOLVE those old mind programs that keep you on the dieting roller coaster.

“I finally get it!  I finally get my relationship with food.”  ~ GB

 And that’s not all – you’ll get help with how to eat and what to eat, so you are never starving.  And don’t worry – I WONT give you 200 new recipes with crazy ingredients.  Who has time for THAT!

Self Esteem

Is it really possible to like exercise?  One client said this:

“I really don’t know what happened.  I just rolled out of bed, put on my shoes and went for a walk.  And I enjoyed it!”  ~ KW

You’ll also get easy-start exercises – NOT killer work–outs.  I mean, you can’t exercise on day two if you’ve killed yourself on day one, can you?  Remember – we start where you are!  As you make progress and feel better and better, you’ll find that you enjoy moving more, and then you can add some high-value techniques that still don’t require a gym membership, unless you want one!

To support your transformation, you’ll get daily email reminders that make staying on track easier and you will feel better every single day!

And best of all, you’ll learn important techniques that work FAST that you can use forever, and not just for eating, but for almost any problem.

You are really going to like this!  You won’t just get Slender Strong and Fit – you’ll learn how to BE Slender, Strong and Fit, for the rest of your life and never, ever feel deprived of your favorite foods!

Dear Lili,  I wanted to share this with you:
I recently changed thyroid meds which caused my blood pressure to rise.  I tried relaxing/deep change… and then I used what you taught me and my systolic reading  dropped 10 points!!!! Thanks”  ~ EKS

NO fad foods. NO drugs.

Just Real Help without ANY Judgment

“Lili, your attentiveness, compassion and patience helps me focus and brings up my overall confidence. It pays off in so many ways; I am determined to keep pursuing my goals.  Thank you very much!”  ~ PD

 SO STOP IT! Please! Stop criticizing yourself.  You can drop the pounds and the emotional stuff that you are carrying with them!  You can lose the weight and be at peace with your body and yourself.

“Whenever I talk to Lili I know I have her attention 100%. She is so good at helping me zero in on what is bothering me. Many times I’ve got too many thoughts to be able to see clearly what the issue is. Once the issue is clarified she gives me encouragement and suggestions that are perfect. I feel clear and confident after working with her.”  ~ EA


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No sales pitch, no pressure.

Just great conversation to get you started.

“Lili Hudson is that rare gem of a healer who combines technique with compassion. I love her warmth, her generosity of spirit, and her skill in leading me where I need to go. Her love of healing shines through every word and thought. Thank you, Lili!”  

Nanette Littlestone, Writing Coach/ Editor/ Author
Editor and Co-Author of The 28-Day Thought Diet

I am committed to your success!

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