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I’ve been using tapping techniques since 2003.

And it started with anger.

I tap nearly every day.

I tap for current issues and for the bigger events that are part of life.  I tap for memories that surprise me – things I thought I had “dealt with”.  I tap for everything from allergy headaches and hot flashes to energy and focus when I am tired but need to keep going.

I recently found myself tapping for latent grief that surprised me.  I called a friend about her miscarriage, and found myself in tears over my own pregnancy loss many years prior.

I’ve tapped for grief over losing my mom to Alzheimer’s and then finally to death, and for regrets that I didn’t do enough for her.

I’ve tapped with people for fear of heights, fear of surgery and cancer, and fear because of no job and no income.

I’ve tapped with people for smoking, for itching, for stiff muscles and headaches, for overeating, for being constantly late, for being judgmental, for being abused, for regrets, and for being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do first.

I’ve tapped with children for anger during ball games, focus during exams, smooth strokes on the golf course, and for believing that they are good kids, even though they can’t sit still and that makes the teacher really mad. And I’ve tapped with the parents who really do love their child, but are just so frustrated.

My very own experience began with a construction project.  Had I known about tapping before that first shovel of dirt, I might have avoided what followed.

The project stretched on and on. Miscommunication, no communication… I could be more specific, but you get the drift.  I stuffed down so much infuriation and frustration that I triggered first one and then a second scary autoimmune disease, finally resulting in a painful,14-point biopsy, soon followed by a complete thyroidectomy.

Two years after the project’s completion, I still seethed with such l anger that I was sleeping poorly, if at all, and certainly was no fun to be around.  My wise sister insisted that I attend a training weekend that she couldn’t really explain, but knew would help.

We had homework to prepare for the class, examining ourselves to identify issues and exactly what emotions were attached to our issues.  We gathered and studied the background, science, and methodologies of the process.  A full-time mother, I was the only lay person in the class of forty-five or so people. Nurses, social workers, licensed counselors, a chiropractor, a naturopath who specialized in allergies, and a medical student filled out the group.

The class welcomed a guest on Day Two: a woman who had been kidnapped and terrorized.  She spoke with us about her experience, about her recovery, and about her healing through tapping working both with our presenters and on her own.  If she had been able to recover from such an ordeal, then this strange tapping was powerful, indeed.

On the second day, I was chosen to be the volunteer for the class demonstration.  Next to our guest’s experience, I was almost embarrassed to ask for help with my puny anger issue.  Still, I wanted help, and had only been making myself sick in the preceding years.  I felt lucky to be chosen, and scared to be in front of everyone.

In less than an hour, I was led through the anger, taking it down from high intensity to nearly nothing.  Along the way, I had two surprises.  Betrayal and Loneliness caught me like rogue waves at the beach, complete with specific memories attached.  I say that they were surprises, because the memories were from 6th grade and from high school, respectively.  Nothing hugely traumatizing.  Just things I had left behind, or thought I had dealt with, until they hit me between the eyes that day.  I would never have known the three could be connected, but the events layered those destructive emotions in my body and in my subconscious.  Taking each in turn, we had tapped on all three until the emotional charge on each was completely gone.

When the new memories appeared, I couldn’t speak for the shock of them.  So the doctor spoke for me and I repeated his phrases, silently at first and out loud when I could speak again. The other participants later asked me what I experienced.  I found my sense of peace and freedom was so complete, that I could speak about it easily.

When you want to be free of what’s holding you back or keeping you sad or scared, or angry and discover how you can use EFT in your own life, please call or email right away You can schedule a Discovery sessions with me to see what tapping and hypnosis can do for you by clicking below.


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