baby overwhelmbaby overwhelmOk – so this is a little long.  But don’t get overwhelmed!  I’m writing to help you get OUT of overwhelm!

If you are like me, you sometimes have SO MUCH to do and SO MANY PEOPLE  to take care of that you feel like you are spinning in circles and wearing a hole in your carpet.

The longer I stay in that state, the worse it gets.

I developed this tapping round as I was getting myself OUT of overwhelm. It worked for me then and it still works, every time.

Start where you are and with what you are feeling.  With round 3 you will move into gentler language and possibilities for accomplishing you tasks.

If you still feel anxious, redo the whole sequence, or the parts you feel are most helpful.

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Karate Chop   Even though I am totally overwhelmed
I accept that this is the way I feel right now.

Karate Chop     Even though I have way too much to do and I can’t even see straight
I want to get this stuff done

Karate Chop     Even though I’m really stressed by all this stuff
I want to feel better

Eye Brow      Way too much to do
Outer Eye     My to-do list is a mile long
Under Eye     When will I ever get it done
Chin             I’ll never get it done!
Collar Bone  When can I relax?
Under Arm   Too MUCH to do!

Karate Chop     Even though I have way too much to do
I’m choosing to do this tapping

Karate Chop     Even though I’m not sure what to do first
The first thing I’m going to do is take a deep breath

Karate Chop     Even though I’m still feeling this overwhelm
I want to feel better.

EB:  I have SO much to do.
OE:  And I’ll never get it all done.
UE:  I’m not sure what to do first
UN:  What if I leave something out
CH:  I need some help here
CB:  I have to do _______ and ______ and ______ (fill in the blanks)
UA:  I’ m not even sure where to start!

Tapping Hint: For this round I use the words “bubble up”, because they are light and a little silly.  When things are so serious, soften your language by choosing different words.

Karate Chop     Even though I have WAY too much to do and I don’t know what to do first
I am willing to let the most important things bubble up.

Karate Chop     Even though it ALL is important,
I’ m willing to let the most important things bubble up.

Karate Chop     Even though I don’t know where to start,
I choose to breathe and receive guidance

Continue tapping through the points using the reminder phrases below, or say what is on your mind.

Eye brow      I can spend a few minutes to get my thinking straight
Outer Eye     It’s alright to take this time for myself
Under Eye     Everything works better when I give myself some care
Under Nose  A few moments to breath
Chin             A few minutes to tap
Collar bone  A few minutes to get clarity
Under Arm   My peace is worth these few minutes

Take a deep breath and tap through a solutions-oriented round:

EB:  I’ m choosing to be inspired
OE: I’m willing to see clearly
UE:  I might even be willing to ask for help
UN:  If only I knew who to ask
CH: I’m willing to let the most important things bubble up.
CB:  I’m willing to see a plan.
UA:  I’m willing to see a path through my day!

You can go back and forth between the overwhelm statements and the choosing statements until you have that moment of inspiration, when the big items chunk themselves down into manageable tasks, you have ideas on who can help with what, and your tasks fall neatly into line.

And if they don’t, just tap again each time you get overwhelmed.  It works for me, every time!

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