Heart of the Matter

Emotional Eating IS a Thing of the Past


We eat for a lot of reasons.  Fueling the body, celebration, fellowship!


We also eat because of sadness, loneliness, to numb out.  Eating patterns can be hard to change when the reason to eat is still living inside.


 Willpower fails as self-defeating thoughts re-emerge.  What’s a person to do?


I’ve heard so many things –

It’s like another person is inside of me and just takes over.

I learned as a child that I couldn’t be ridiculed for what I said if my mouth was full.

Every time my dad would rage and scare us, my mom would give me sweets to make it all better.

Everyone in my family is heavy.  I try to diet and get a lot of flack.


  With Heart of the Matter we will clean out that emotional junk drawer of judgments, hurts and disappointments. I’ll also support you with relaxing self-hypnosis recordings that reinforce your decisions to eat better, exercise, detach from cravings and emotional eating.

You will have more confidence in your abilities and yourself.

You are on the path to creating a body you can love and a healthier, happier life.  Enjoy the feeling of freedom, the feeling of being effortlessly in control.

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To My Other Clients


If you are coping with chronic health problems or life challenges, please discuss this option with me.

We all know stress is hard on your health.  What happens when a large part of your stress is from your past, or is from your current challenges – health, personal or otherwise?


Emotional health is the key to physical health.


Like hiring a professional organizer to help with your clutter, doing this work will help you clean out that emotional junk drawer (or maybe it’s a junk closet).  We will gently and safely unhook old experiences, judgments and thoughts and replace them, so that you can feel so much better.

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