I can tap for that?

Emotional Eating
School and Academic Issues
Caregiver Stress
Grief and Loss
Difficult People
“I’m not enough” Issues
Trauma – war, violent crime . . .

How about painful memories, weight and eating issues, self esteem, smoking?  Or feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, by life, by economic worries, by school?   Or programming from a dysfunctional family, being told over and over what’s wrong with you, instead of what’s right?  Self-sabotage?  Academic troubles, test anxiety, difficulty focusing?

Tap at work?  Stress in the workplace and stress at home affects your productivity.  Habits like smoking and eating, negativity, and fearful thinking can damage your performance and your value at work.

Self esteem is multifaceted, and causes of low self esteem often reach far back into our past. Does you past control your present happiness?  Does it have to control your future peace?

Transitions, like divorce, job loss, and dealing with serious illness and chemo therapy can take a heavy toll.  Learning to use EFT and self hypnosis will help you navigate these changes more peacefully. 

War memories and trauma are carried by so many of our veterans, long after the war is long over.  Hypervigilance, panic, nightmares, can make returning to “normal” life impossible.  What happens in war happens on an emotional, mental and physiological levels.  EFT addresses all of these levels without drugs and without painful “desensitization”.  Your experience has changed you, but you deserve to live without the continuing trauma of war.  You deserve a better night’s sleep.  EFT helps vets and their families.  Please visit www.stressproject.org  to learn how a number of trained EFT practitioners across the country are working to improve the lives of vets and their families. I appreciate your service.  I’d like to help.

With the heart of a teacher, I use EFT and/ or Hypnosis to help these issues and more.  

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