This website is provided for the purposes of general education and to expand the knowledge and use of EFT in the world. My site is not intended to replace the vast resources available on the official EFT site, www.eftuniverse.com.

Everyone using this site, any links, and or any information contained herein agrees to take full responsibility for his or her own mental, physical and emotional well being. Nothing herein is meant to replace adequate medical advice.

Neither EFT nor hypnosis is a substitute for qualified medical or psychiatric care or advice and is never intended to diagnose any illness. The user of this site, any links or information contained herein, acknowledges that Lili Hudson is not a licensed doctor, therapist, social worker, physchologist or psychiatrist.

Understand that I am a EFT practitioner and a consulting hypnotist (CH). I accept clients who are currently in therapy, only with the knowledge and consent of their therapist. I am very clear about not going where I don’t belong. I am happy to refer you to a licensed therapist if I feel your needs are outside of my scope of expertise.

To family and those that love these persons, I can be of help in teaching you to manage the stress of living with and loving them. So many family members will say “I’m just fine”. Like the say on an airplane before take off: “in the event of an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask first.” You are in better shape to help them, when you are supported.

This site is my creation and represents my unique views, attitudes and stories.

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