Diet Mistakes 4, 5 and 6


Don't break your own heart!

Don’t break your own heart!

Hi again!

I’ve been busy, busy preparing for tomorrow’s Master Class, How to Eat Anything You want And Never Gain Another Pound!

That seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it?

Isn’t dieting all about restriction, all about staying away from the “bad” foods, about being “good” with your eating?

I think that’s part of the problem with dieting and that’s Mistake #4 – putting some foods strictly off-limits. How can I say that?  Well, it’s a fact, what we are told we can’t have  it, we want it, sometimes for no other reason than we are told we can’t have it.

Mistake #5: Your Brain.  O.k., your brain is not a mistake, but not understanding your brain is a mistake.  I could call this the mistake of relying on willpower, just as easily.

Your willpower is no match for your subconscious mind.  80% of your LIFE runs on your subconscious mind – and a good thing, too!   And it is wired for survival. When you severely restrict food, and then work out a fiend, your brain senses the stress you are putting your body under, it senses the lack of nutrient-dense food and it can easily go into panic-
mode. That’s when your Survival Brain battles with willpower.

Survival Brain!

Survival Brain!

Mistake #6  Thinking it’s all about the food.

The mistake is in ignoring the How and focusing on the What. How you eat is important.  Do you eat with awareness and intention? Do you eat with gratitude and appreciation? Do you savor the flavors of delicious food?

Or do you wolf down your meal, barely tasting it (until you burp?) Do you punish yourself with rice cakes, order “just a salad” and beat yourself up when you have a slice of birthday cake or a glass of wine?distracted-eating-3

Are you starting to see that dieting, getting to a healthy weight is more complex than you’ve been lead to believe?  The real change happens inside with your mind – conscious and subconscious mind, and with your emotions.

Want to learn more about How to Eat and reach a healthier weight, without the diet drama?

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See you soon!


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