Can You Really Eat Anything?

In my class,

How to Eat Anything You Want and Never Gain Another Pound,
I  go deep into four easy guidelines for eating

People tell me they are losing 5, 10, even 15 pounds by using just a FEW of the tips that I share! I can’t tell you everything today, but I promise I’ll run a webinar soon so you can find out all my secrets to success.

Today, I’m emphasizing my first rule, Eat Real, and I’m excited to share two books to help you do just that.

I was just chatting with Caitlin Weeks, author of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking and the blog, about Emotional Freedom Technique and how it helps with the triggers of emotional eating.

If emotional eating doesn’t trouble you, fake and adulterated food will!  Additives and fake sugars are messing with our bodies, causing us to overeat, retain fluid, and store extra fat.

On top of that, the oversupply of wheat, soy, corn and dairy is setting up health problems that can come on so gradually, you think it’s just “normal aging”!  Phooey, I say!

Caitlin has struggled with autoimmune diseases, like I have. A fierce determination to reclaim her health lead her study nutrition, fitness and eventually lead her to share her discoveries in this wonderful guide to easily and tastily transition toward a better way to eat. Be sure to look into her book, today!

What's Left to Eat

What’s Left to Eat

If you are facing one food allergy or multiple food allergies, you’ll also want to check out What’s Left to Eat. Finally!  Even people with multiple food sensitivities can enjoy elegant, tasty and nutrient-rich food that is never boring. My friend Nanette Littlestone knows first-hand the difficulties of  eating well with food sensitivities and I’m delighted that she is a part of this resource of deliciousness!

Check out both What’s Left to Eat  and Mediterrean Paleo Cooking discover more about how Eating Real can help you feel better and look better!

Look for my next post about the second rule and learn more on how to eat anything…

Until then, keep tapping!

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