A Better Student Now

End the homework battle!

Doesn’t Everyone Want to

Be a Better Student,

to learn new information more easily?

  • Is every night a struggle?
  • Do you dread standing over your child, cajoling or threatening?
  • Do you see his self-esteem plummeting, right along with his grades?
  • Do you know she can do better, IF she’ll only try?
  • Are you worried about his behavior –he’s acting up in class, starting to hang out with the troublemakers?

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Imagine a peaceful evening, where your child is ready to tackle homework, with confidence.  You are both pleased with grades are not just acceptable  – they may even be exciting.  You and your child know that when test time comes, all the crucial information will have been studied, learned, absorbed and be available!

“I’m not sure what happened.  Her test scores this week were 93, 97 and 100!” ~  Nashville mom

My name is Lili Hudson and I have your child’s secret weapon.  This is not a standard tutoring program. Better Student Now uses state-of-the-art mindset tools to reprogram your child’s study habits and self-image for focus and for success.  Your child CAN

  • take ownership of study time and grades
  • dissolve stress and frustration
  • erase damaging criticism and
  • integrate six skills crucial to success

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 With six customized one-to-one sessions, take-home CDs/mp3s and daily support this program gets rid of resistance to studying, improves drive, and lays the foundation for success.  Each session addresses current frustrations and builds to instill in your child one of these six essential skills

  1. Concentrate and Ignore Distractions
  2. Absorb Material Readily and Easily
  3. Commit to Become an Excellent Thinker, to integrate new information, to draw parallels, to compare and contrast ideas
  4. Remember and Recall Information
  5. Be Alert and Calm, to Find More Energy When Most Needed
  6. Remain Confident and Assured during tests and presentations

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Discover how your child can study smarter, more effectively and with real, measurable results.  When he sees those grades coming up and believes he can do it, his whole perception of what’s possible for life expands, along with that crucial self-esteem.  Learning these six important skills will give your child the edge to succeed, to trade the “I give up. I can’t do it, anyway” attitude for

I’m smart.  I can figure this out!

Your child gets

  • Six  customized  one-to-one sessions that  address specific skills and what is going on for your child, right now.
  • Six take home CDs or mp3s to reinforce the work done in office sessions, perfect to listen to just before sleeping! These never expire and can be used again and again.
  • Daily support via email designed to blast anxiety, nerves and overwhelm, in just 5 minutes (and mom and dad can use this, too!)

Plus these bonuses

  • An easy 5-Minute Power Nap /Afternoon Energy Booster recording that everyone in the family can use.
  • Eat for Success nutrition guide.
  • 3 SOS phone calls to me personally – when the pressure is on, you or your child can call me for quick support and not have to wait until the next appointment. Just phone or text SOS and I will call you back at my very next opportunity for 15 minutes of private, concentrated help ! You can use these calls anytime within one year of your program.
  • Direct access anytime by email:  Your brief and  to-the-point  emails  will be answered within one business day to  provide solutions if your child feels stuck or has questions about the program.
  • A powerful time-planning tool to make sure your child has time for fun!
  • And especially for you, the loving parents, your very own private session with me to wipe away your frustrations and enable you to cope better, more peacefully, and in a more loving way.  Being a parent is tough, I know!

Please contact me to discuss special package pricing and payment plans available on this very important purchase.  I don’t want anything to stand in the way of your child’s success and your peaceful home.

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As a mom of two and a Girl Scout leader for over 9 years, I hate to see any student struggle.  It IS possible to study smarter, to have confidence and to improve.  These mindset tools are used by athletes, and business people alike to overcome fears, doubt and past failures that limit success and diminish performance.

It is never too early to give your child the best tools for success, and it is never too late, either!  If your student has always struggled, or is just beginning to struggle after moving into middle school, high school, or college-level work, Better Student Now is perfect.  Don’t let your child struggle any longer!

Adult Learners?

Are YOU going back to school and concerned if you still have it?  Are you pursuing a Master’s or a Doctorate degree and need to reinvigorate those brain cells?  Better Student Now will work for you, too.
You are making a big investment in education – make it count!

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