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I hope you’ll forgive me.  I’m interrupting my Four Rules blog / posting.  I promise I’ll give you Rule 3 next week and I also promise

I will still give you the BONUS RULE that people are raving over – some saying that rule alone is responsible for 10 -15 pounds of weight loss! Maybe that’s an exaggeration – but boy, are they excited!

I want to tell you about two birthday parties, one last Friday for Sue’s  60th, and one twenty-two years ago for Ellen’s 65th.  No, I don’t want to tell you about the cakes (amazing) or the food (top notch). What I want to describe was the air, the vibe, the love that was palpable at both events.

Twenty-two years ago at Ellen’s party, I walked from room to room, listening in on conversations a little, engaging in a few here and there, but what I wanted most of all was just to soak up what these women felt for each other.

These women who had known each other since elementary school (so rare these days), these women who had shared joy and tragedy by the basketful, these women  were overflowing with giggles, smiles and connection.

I basked in their exquisite stew of community; I felt like I was humming and vibrating in the effervescence of their love, their appreciation, and their gratitude for each other.Good for the Soul

The effect lasted for hours afterward.  As I write, I can feel again, twenty-two years later.

Last Friday was a similar peak experience.  Only a few of the women had known the honoree from childhood, a few more since high school.


There were business partners and newer friends like me who were late to her life, but still counted at least 17 years as her friend. A toast brought tears all around.

That’s when I felt it again, that upwelling of love and community so rich as to give me chills!

Friends are the stuff of a rich life.  Studies show that women who nurture deep friendships live longer, are happier and in better health than their more solitary sisters.

I encourage you to connect with new friends, or to reconnect with the important people in your life.

Facebook is fine, but nothing takes the place of a good conversation and honest sharing. And a good belly laugh doesn’t hurt, either!

A dear friend moved to Florida some years back.  Lately, we’ve taken up the habit of a virtual glass of wine on alternate Mondays. Now reconnected, we’ve shared fears and frustrations, laughter and encouragement, and we are planning an adventure trip we’ve both wanted for many years!

However you connect, do it as often as you can. Let the love of good friends, the support you give and the support you get, and the laughter you share nourish your soul!

Be well, sisters!

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  1. Elliott Mackle
    2 years ago

    A fine start. Keep it up.

    • Lili Hudson
      2 years ago

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve also been inspired by your close community of love and support, my friend!

  2. Susan thetford
    2 years ago

    So very true! And in today’s busy world it takes even more work I think that in the past to have lifelong friendships. My Mother and Grandmother had sewing clubs and garden clubs and things that they did together – making clothes for each other’s grandchildren, garden clubs would work in each other’s garden- they were an integral part in each other’s lives. Unfortunately, the need to work outside of the home for most in a corporate setting has isolated most of us such that the close supportive network is no longer a foregone conclusion of everyday life. Thank you for highlighting the excitement of close friendships, Lili.

    • Lili Hudson
      2 years ago

      Thanks for your thoughts Susan – you see it very clearly! It’s all the more difficult for people to have this kind of community when they have worked in different locales. Making and keeping connections requires attention!

      Thanks for connecting!

  3. Vernon
    2 years ago

    Having never had a sister…these women of my life from when I was six years old and the many others I have scooped up (or have scooped up me) since that time – are the very backbone and rib cage of my support system. My entire notion of having these women for life was imprinted from my mother specifically as her group since birth is intact (if not all living). All I can add – get a group and hang on for dear life.

    • Lili Hudson
      2 years ago

      Good words! Thanks for your comment!

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