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After completing Guilford College with a B.S. in Chemistry, I worked in quality control for a manufacturer and in basic research at Vanderbilt University.  I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique over 10 years ago and was stunned by the rapid and lasting change in me and in all of my clients since!

My training as a scientist informs the way I look at and test complementary and alternative modalities. I ask “can we get as good, or better outcomes, with fewer or no side effects?  Does the change last?”  I have found that tapping (a term used to pool all the tapping variations) and hypnosis combine to create the Rapid and Lasting changes that people want, all without pills, injections, or years of work.

My personal experience with auto-immune diseases gives me great empathy for everyone challenged by health problems, especially the ones that medicine doesn’t really understand or know how to cure.

Tapping has given me peace, peace I didn’t even know I had lost, peace from anger that was an undercurrent of my daily life, and peace while living with uncertainty. Tapping has also given me power – power to release the effects of stress and negativity, and power to change my understanding, my outlook, and even biochemistry!

As a consulting hypnotist and a certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and the Pastoral Medical Association.   I am happy to volunteer with the Iraq Vets Stress Project (www.stressproject.org), a project offering free EFT to veterans and their families for help in resolving war trauma and PTSD.  I served 17+ years as a volunteer in all things related to my children, including nine years as a Girl Scout leader.  I am a Nashville native and live there with my family including two funny rescue dogs, who handle their stress by destroying toilet paper rolls.


Affiliations and associations:

  • Guilford College, B.S. in Chemistry, 1980
  • Atlantic University, M.A. program – Leadership and Conflict Transformation, currently enrolled student
  • National Guild of Hypnotists, C.H. Consulting Hypnotist
  • ACEP Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, ACP-EFT Certified Practitioner of EFT
  • Pastoral Medical Association, member
  • The Iraq Vets Stress Project, www.VetsStress.org : volunteer practitioner

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