Diet Mistake # 3   EMOTIONAL EATING!!!

As one frustrated lady said -” Isn’t it ALL emotional eating????”

Is that a mistake or is that THE PROBLEM?

Well, anything

Because eating when you are stressed, sad, bored,
or feel like you deserve it, means you are stuffing down
your very valid emotions.

That’s like you are telling yourself

“Just SHUT UP – I don’t want to hear you.

Don't break your own heart!

Don’t break your own heart!

Would you treat a friend that way?

Would you treat a child that way?

Ok, this may be hitting a little hard, and if it is, keep reading.

When you ignore what’s REALLY going on,

when you ignore yourself,

you are breaking your own heart.

So instead of giving you recipes and crazy ingredients,
how about we start with the problem . . .
which is not the eating, but what’s driving the eating.

If you are like so many of us and start diet after diet, hoping to fix the problem, well, you wont.

Because it’s not about what you are eating.
(well – truth time – that could be part of the problem).

If you are just dieting, you are not solving the first problem (the SOURCE of the discomfort).

You are creating a second – extra pounds.

You are creating a third problem – self-judgment and condemnation!

Triple ouch!

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So what to do?
For starters, join my Master Class next Wednesday, Sept 21st and wake up to a new way to eat, a way that allow you to eat anything you want and never gain another pound.

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What else is possible!?

What else is possible!?

Discover what thousands of skinny people know about how to enjoy their meals!

You’ll find surprisingly easy ways to end emotional eating once and for all!

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The diet industry has lied to you about carbs, fats, protein…everything! Here’s the one thing they hoped you’d NEVER find out about eating anything you want and never gaining another pound!

The only charge for this very valuable information is your time.

What do you think?

Will you invest in yourself?

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This is gonna be good! Join this class and Eat to Win!

See you soon!

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