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There are probably a lot of things going right in your life, but if you are here, there may be something that you want to be better.

  • You are telling everyone you are “just fine”, but inside you are wishing that life could be different.
  • You may be struggling with pain, anger, sadness, or frustration.
  • You can’t get enough sleep, or you worry all the time.
  • You are feeling afraid, or overwhelmed, or powerless.
  • You may have started to believe that this is “just the way life is.”
  • You may be wondering if you deserve to feel better, if you even have the right to want things to be different.

It doesn’t have to be that way.


I’m Lili Hudson, and I have felt all of those things.

On the outside it all looked pretty ok.  I worked and ran a business. I tried to be a good mom, a good wife.  I tried to take care of my mother as I watched her descent into Alzheimer’s.  We built a house.  I led a Girl Scout troop for nine years, and I had a little Cub Scout, as well.  I put my shoulders back, my chin out, and I coped.

Inside, I was a mess.  I was angry and bitter.  I was critical and full of judgment.  I felt a ton of responsibility.  I felt alone.  I developed first one and then a second autoimmune disease.  It took my sister to wake me up to what the anger and the stress was doing to my relationships, and to my health.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal
With the intent of throwing it at someone else;
You are the one who gets burned.
Buddha 563 BC – 483 BC

Today, I am free of that anger. I am better at speaking up and speaking out.  I’m better at letting go instead of stewing on hurt and upsets. We have managed to raise two successful children, I’ve dropped the excess weight that I carried for twenty years, and my relationship with my husband is better than ever.

Today, I have my peace, peace I didn’t even know I had lost, peace from anger that was an undercurrent of my daily life, and peace while living with uncertainty.

Today, I have power – power over stress and negativity, and power to change my understanding, my outlook, and even my biochemistry!

“I’m frankly amazed at how much better I feel. Issues from the past have faded into the background. Today, I’m enthusiastic and enjoying life more than ever. I recommend her whole heartedly!”  GG

“My happiness was locked up in my hurt. This is the most healing, best feeling habit you can have.”  FS


Now, I am on a Personal Mission 

The transformation I created for myself I want to share with you.

I help my clients unravel the struggle, get clarity on exactly what isn’t working, find ways to resolve and dissolve what is frustrating and hurting them, and move to victory, to a life that works better and feels better.

Using state-of-the-art mindset tools, I can help you get a better night’s sleep, a smaller waistline, and freedom from thoughts or fears that trouble you, even a better golf swing.

“I had an important meeting scheduled, one with much greater potential downside than upside.  I felt nervous and a little indignant at their assertions prior to the meeting.  Lili helped me objectify my thoughts, calm my nerves, and even see a potential upside to the situation. The meeting went surprisingly well.”  HMT

I can help you let go of anger, grief and regrets from the present and the past.  I can help you let go of the old programming that keeps you sabotaging yourself again and again.  I can help you let go old troubling events, so they don’t bother you any longer.

I can help you reprogram your thinking in a way that you want, in a way that supports success and a healthier life.

I know it works, I know it is quick, and I know it is effective.


And there is more!

I make sure that every client learns and practices these tools so they can take care of themselves quickly, safely and on their own, so they are never dependent on me.

Would you like to be able to relieve stress in minutes, let go of anger, hurt and sadness and relieve pain, whether transient or chronic?

My shoulder and neck muscles relaxed ever so slowly until we discussed the memory of the assault. The pain completely let go completely as I remembered the attack and shared feelings I had never admitted.  I felt embarrassment, shame, fear, and anger; then I felt sadness and shock that no one came to my aid.  I was surprised but relieved to say those things. At one point my left ear made a “pop” sound, and my left nostril opened up at the same time.  The attack was over 30 years ago. What a surprise. LM

Would you like to be able to clear your thinking and rebalance your emotions anytime and anywhere, even in the heat of an argument or a confrontation?

Would you like to easily stop bad habits, destructive thinking and that inner critic?

Would you like more energy at the end of the day?

Lili – I   have plenty of energy after work!  I can come home, take care of the animals and still get a lot done around the house. When I notice that old too-tired-to-do anything feeling, I do as you taught me and it’s amazing how quickly my energy comes back. Too cool!”  AC

What could be better in your life? 

All of my programs are customized to fit your situation, whether you need just a little help or a whole lot more.

No matter where you are or what your struggle is, I’m here to help.  Let’s spend some time on the phone and see if we are a good fit to work together.  Click the button below to schedule your 20 minute Discovery Session.  There is no obligation and no pressure.  Just great conversation to get you started.

Please don’t wait another day


Behold –
I am the hole in the flute
Through which the Christ’s breath blows.
Listen to the music.
Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi


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